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The BathyThermograph System (XBT) is a system to obtain records for each depth temperature and sound velocity by the probe of BTP(XBT) falling in water.

· BathyThermograph Probe
· BathyThermograph Launcher: BTL-1, BTL-2
· BathyThermograph Recorder: BTR-1, BTR-2, BTR-3
· Operating Depth: Max 2,000m
· Operating Speed: 30 knots (using BTP-4)
· Vertical Resolution: 64cm
· BITE Function
· Temperature Accuracy: ±0.15℃
· Temperature Range: -2.2℃ ~ 35.6℃

Application Max. Depth Rated Ship Speed Vertical Resolution
BTP-4 460m 30 knots 64cm
BTP-6 460m 20 knots 64cm
BTP-7 760m 15 knots 64cm
BTP-10 200m 10 knots 64cm
Recoder(BTR-1) Recoder(BTR-2) Probe (XBT) Launcher (BTL-1,2)