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The FLS-HS45 is a High Speed Forward Looking Sonar to avoid whale or submarine obstacle, etc. in the ocean. User can select 33kHz (low frequency) or 200kHz (high frequency) as operating frequency

Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) offers several benefits to safe navigation with wide field of view 60°(V) x 60°(H), up to 40 knots operational speed, 3D image, and fast update on multi-beams.

· Frequency: 33kHz
· Max Range: 300m / 45 knots
                   500m / 20 knots
                   1,000m / 5 knots
· Number of Beams: 60
· Field of View: 60°(V) x 60°(H)
· Pitch / Roll Compensation: ± 20°
· Operating System: Windows 7
· Power: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz @150W