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Sonotronics' equipment markers consist of higher powered transmitters placed in heavier packaging with 3/16" mounting holes.

The EMT transmitters are a set of standard models packaged and configured for equipment marking applications. There are many other options
available that can be used for equipment marking, including any of the pingers designated for fisheries. Sonotronics in house machine shop is
capable of custom packaging options.

The EMT series transmitters come standard with flat ends and 3/16" mounting holes on each end. Other custom packaging options are possible.

Equipment Markers
Range 1-4km+
Model Length Diameter Weight Range Depth Rating Lifetime
EMT-01-1 99mm 19mm 39g Up to 1km 2.5km* 48 months
EMT-01-2 99mm 19mm 39g Up to 3km 2.5km* 18 months
EMT-01-3 210mm 32mm 223g Up to 4km 1km 6 months


*EMT-01-1 and EMT-01-2: Recommended maximum depth rating: 2500m. Transmitters have been tested successfully to 5000m depth.

The EMT-01-3 has user replaceable batteries. There are several battery combinations of lifetime and power output available. Please refer to the EMT data sheet for more information.