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Underwater Radiated Noise measurement system (URN)

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URN measures underwater radiated noise from surface warship & submarine. It evaluates the noise level by ship speed, analyzes root cause and judges the phenomena of propellant cavitation and singing.

· Hydrophone: 6ch, -170dB
· Tilt/Depth Sensor: Heading 0.1˚, Pitch/Roll 0.4˚, Depth 0 to 50 bar
· Pinger: 30kHz, 72 hours operating
· Buoy: Sampling up to 200kHz, LAN, FTP, USB as data backup
· Other devices: GPS, RF/wifi Device, Flash light
· Software analysis tool: Octave, FFT, Waterfall, Time & Power
   Spectrum, LOFAR, DEMON

· Analysis & Evaluation system of radiated noise for surface
   warship and submarine
· Improvement of warship stealth design and shipbuilding
· The research for low noise vessel according to the marine
   vessel noise regulation